#QuarterTheCross and @FractionTalks

Something that has captivated me from the Maths Twitter Blog-o-Sphere (#MTBoS) in the last few months is Quarter The Cross. It is a classic low-threshold high-ceiling task. And, the more you experiment, the deeper and richer your mathematical understanding becomes. This can lead to some quite sophisticated and beautiful solutions. The solutions above are six of mine. They are rather … Continue reading #QuarterTheCross and @FractionTalks

K to 2, to infinity

Okay, so 'infinity' might be a bit of a stretch but I'm talking about the latest low-threshold, high-ceiling task to become my favourite puzzle1. Louise Hodgson shared this activity at the Mathematics Association of Tasmania conference at the weekend. The learning intention, as might be voiced to students, was: "There are patterns in the hundreds chart and the patterns can help us answer questions … Continue reading K to 2, to infinity

One hot minute

The best1 minute in my class is often just before my students leave. And no, it's not because they are leaving! This is when I sometimes ask them to fill out a 'One Minute Survey'. I can't remember where I got this idea, and I don't do the surveys frequently enough, but it is always revealing when I … Continue reading One hot minute

The Joy of SET

Just over a week ago I shared one of my favourite mathematical puzzles. Today I'm sharing my favourite mathematical game, SET. There is something in this game for young children to mathematics professors. I give SET workshops each year, for Year 8 students up. My slides are here, along with some notes I wrote several years ago. I suggest at … Continue reading The Joy of SET

Head or hands?

(A quick post from a delightful Mathematical Association of Tasmania conference in Burnie.) There is a tendency for students, as they progress though the year levels, to think that being 'good' at maths means doing it quickly in your head. I often catch myself saying 'don't try to do all the steps in your head; … Continue reading Head or hands?

MAT 2016

Tomorrow's alarm is set for a rather ridiculous 4:00am. I'm heading down to the Annual Conference of the Mathematical Association of Tasmania in Burnie. I can't believe it's taken me 36 years to get to Tasmania, but I can't think of a better reason than maths. I'm giving the opening keynote on Friday, and a couple of workshops on … Continue reading MAT 2016