Friday Five: #7

I've been so busy this week with finishing up the end of semester (exams, Honours students' theses, ...) and starting up the Math(s) Photo Challenge that I couldn't manage the Friday Five yesterday. I console myself that it's still Friday somewhere in the world! This week we launched the Math(s) Photo Challenge. Using @mathphoto16, we are posting a mathematical photo prompt... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: #6

This week I loved reading about how Mark Chubb had the courage to see what came from his students exploring the Worst Problem Ever. By the way, if this is what Mark produces for his first blog post, I can't wait to see more. I have been thinking a lot lately about the labels that we put on people and... Continue Reading →

Wrapping up the #MTBoS30 challenge

It just occurred to me that if you don't follow me on Twitter (shame on you!), you might wonder why the steady stream of blog posts has slowed. Since joining the MathTwitterBlogosphere, I'd been wondering what I could add to a community that I was currently only taking from — their thoughts, activities and enthusiasm.  A few people... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: #5

Friday Five #5? It will be a long time before I get this excited again (#55, I expect).  Alex Overwijk's (@AlexOverwijk) website, Slam Dunk Math, is a fabulous collection of resources. I need to set aside time to work back through older posts. The most recent, on the coordinate grid, is exceptionally well-described. To pique your interest, check out... Continue Reading →

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