‘Train-food’ (The ten hundred word challenge)

Good science communication is hard. This handy guide from SMBC Comics helps distinguish the good from the bad. Jargon (that is, specialised or technical language) is a common problem in poor science communication. Randall Munroe, of xkcd and what if?, took the idea of cutting out jargon to the extreme. (If you haven't checked out either xkcd and what if?, go do … Continue reading ‘Train-food’ (The ten hundred word challenge)

On the same page

I want to share something with you. Mathematics shares an equal-sized place in my heart with the English language. I don't remember being read to or being taught to read. (I'm sure that I was; I had attentive parents.) My memories of reading as a child are of being deep in a novel or at the library. I read on the school bus, … Continue reading On the same page