Friday Five: #3

On Fridays I plan to list five highlights from the #MTBoS and the internet at large. I could have discovered them in the last week, or the last year, but for some reason want to share them with you this Friday. I know it might be Thursday in your part of the world when I post this; what can I say — Australians know it’s important to get to the weekend as quickly as possible.

By the way, I toyed with working another f-word (no, not that one) into the title, but three words in an alliteration is bordering on f-crazy.

A big list this week; nearly all tweets that have made me stop and think.

  1. I am obsessed at the moment with how students approach Dot Talks.

I am sharing Steve Wyborney‘s post ‘Provide Massive Space to Notice‘ with everyone I meet. “Give students several copies of the same image – along with ample space to notice – and they will amaze you.” 

Pierre Tranchemontagne is curating the brilliant resource Number Talk Images; check it out!

People are tweeting out examples of how their students see dot images, which just fascinate me. (But can we please have a hashtag?)

2. Fawn Nguyen posted in September 2015 about giving feedback with a highlighter. I implemented this for project drafts, and it transformed the one-on-one consultations in which we reviewed their project progress.

  • Red: something I particularly liked
  • Yellow: something the reader might wonder about (or that I am confused about)
  • Blue: something for us to discuss further in person
  • Green: this line contains spelling, grammatical, punctuation, word usage or other problems to be fixed.

3. I saved this when Tina tweeted it last year, then immediately forgot about it. I’d love to include this in my One Minute Surveys soon.

4. Today I re-watched the fabulous interview that Prof Nalini Joshi (@monsoon0) did on Australia’s ‘The Weekly’ (kind of like ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’). I’m delighted that Nalini is an eloquent and prominent voice for mathematics on both the Australian and international landscape. Also watch the video that Trixie Barretto did of Nalini in December 2011; just beautiful.

5. Following Christopher Danielson is a mix of envy and utter delight. I did not want to stop playing at NCTM. (But, how about using a hashtag for these gorgeous artworks? Would make them easier to find!)

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  1. Interestingly, I self-evaluated on my performance review this year, using the red-amber-green thing. It made great sense to me and Troy goes “Yeah – I don’t really get what you’ve done, but it looks good!”. Ha!


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