Friday Five: #7

I've been so busy this week with finishing up the end of semester (exams, Honours students' theses, ...) and starting up the Math(s) Photo Challenge that I couldn't manage the Friday Five yesterday. I console myself that it's still Friday somewhere in the world! This week we launched the Math(s) Photo Challenge. Using @mathphoto16, we are posting a mathematical photo prompt … Continue reading Friday Five: #7

Friday Five: #5

Friday Five #5? It will be a long time before I get this excited again (#55, I expect).  Alex Overwijk's (@AlexOverwijk) website, Slam Dunk Math, is a fabulous collection of resources. I need to set aside time to work back through older posts. The most recent, on the coordinate grid, is exceptionally well-described. To pique your interest, check out … Continue reading Friday Five: #5

Friday Five: #4

Turns out that Desmos already posts a 'Friday Five'. Wonder if I subconsciously stole the name from them? I'm posting this early (although it is Friday here) because I have a hundred little things — and one big thing — to do today. Megan Schmidt (@veganmathbeagle) is wowing us on twitter with her number spiral investigations. See below. Megan's … Continue reading Friday Five: #4