If maths was an animal …

‘If maths was an animal it would be a _______ because _______ ‘

Responses from my #math1070 students:

  • A koala because maths is interesting and unique.
  • A spider because of the pattern organisation of their web.
  • A cat because it has lots of layers.
  • An ant because lots of small parts make up a big part.
  • A zebra because it has many patterns and it is black and white with one solution. The patterns are often confusing but has many approaches: black with white stripes or white with black stripes.
  • A chameleon cos once you think you’ve got it, it can disappear.
  • A snail because it’s slow.
  • An octopus because they’re calculated yet inspire intrigue.
  • A starfish because there are many different aspects and ways to solve problems.
  • A giraffe because it’s leagues above my level.
  • A dog because while it has complex intelligence, its commands and responses are consistent.
  • A leopard because it has a sophisticated pattern but also because it has an elegant mannerism.
  • An eagle because it’s precise and adaptable.
  • A turtle because you need to work through slowly and thoroughly.
  • A tiger because it has a soft fur but could bite you.
  • A monkey because its unpredictable.
  • A zebra because there is an unknown amount1 of stripes.
  • A bear because it looks scary but it’s actually soft and cuddly.
  • A sloth because that’s how it makes you feel.
  • A spider because we create webs of problems, solutions and challenges.
  • A chameleon because just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
  • An ant. Maths underpins almost all concepts, it may be invisible at times but you can always find it if you look hard.
  • A lion because a lot of people are scared of it until they know more about it and find the friendly side.
  • A puppy because they are fun but then sometimes annoying.
  • A penguin because they are fascinating.

[1] I’m transcribing student work. I know it’s ‘number’. Don’t @ me.

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