My maths autobiography

School maths I have always loved maths, but the reasons why have changed dramatically over time. This is my Year 1 work. It reminds me about what I thought it meant to be good at maths: lots of ticks on neat work, especially if it was done quickly. This attitude was reinforced by my report... Continue Reading →

Counting in unexpected ways

It was a delight to recently spend five days working with students and teachers in Alice Springs at the invitation of MTANT, the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Northern Territory. I then spent a week in bed with the flu, which is one reason I've recently lost my voice (both physically and online). The main purpose of the visit was to join... Continue Reading →

Too quiet

It's been quiet around here. A little too quiet. The first half of this year was a bit crazy. I tried to juggle increased travel and talks with teaching, research and student supervision. It was not always successful. I didn't quite realise how crazy it felt until I stopped. A week of quietness has helped replenish some rather depleted batteries! But teaching restarts next... Continue Reading →

Wrapping up the #MTBoS30 challenge

It just occurred to me that if you don't follow me on Twitter (shame on you!), you might wonder why the steady stream of blog posts has slowed. Since joining the MathTwitterBlogosphere, I'd been wondering what I could add to a community that I was currently only taking from — their thoughts, activities and enthusiasm.  A few people... Continue Reading →

Better student talks

Having a mathematical idea is only one part of the equation (excuse the pun!); we also need to be able to communicate it. A good example is Fermat writing next to his conjecture that he (purportedly) had a proof that the margin was too small to contain. If Fermat really did have a proof, then he could have saved mathematicians 350... Continue Reading →

Tracy Zager’s word clouds

Over the past year I have held this image in my head as a reminder and a motivation. It comes from Tracy Zager's 2015 NCTM ShadowCon talk 'Breaking the Cycle', which is mandatory viewing. (If you have limited time, stop reading this post and go watch Tracy's talk instead.) At the same time that Tracy was giving her talk... Continue Reading →

My motivating images

This morning I read Sara Van Der Werf's post, 'The Story of 2 Words & One Simple Tweak to Get All Students Talking'. Her post is great, and you should definitely check it out, but what prompted me to write this post was the photo I've included below. Sara has it pinned up near her desk. If I walked in... Continue Reading →

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