Friday Five: #6

  1. This week I loved reading about how Mark Chubb had the courage to see what came from his students exploring the Worst Problem Ever. By the way, if this is what Mark produces for his first blog post, I can’t wait to see more.
  2. I have been thinking a lot lately about the labels that we put on people and the effect that it has, thanks in no small part to Kaneka Turner’s powerful ShadowCon16 talk Extending the Invitation to be ‘Good’ at Math. It’s why stories like the ones in Ethan Weker’s latest post, I Can’t, Shouldn’t Be The First To Believe just break my heart.
  3. How good does this new book look?
  4. In the most recent version of MAA Focus (June/July 2016), Francis Su reminds us of The Value of Struggle, and how our actions signal what we value as important (mastery or grades). However, I hadn’t explicitly considered how our actions might influence students’ actions with regards to plagiarism. (Incidentally, I used the same method for flushing out copying many years ago — with the same result!)
  5. I hope you’ll join us for the Math Photo Challenge starting on June 12! Using @mathphoto16, we’ll post a mathematical photo prompt each week. We want you to share your photos using #mathphoto16 and the hashtag for the week. Get those maths lenses on your cameras and keep your eyes open. We’d love to have classes involved, too. For inspiration check out the amazing Summer Math Photo Challenge from 2015. I was rather intimidated to try and organise the challenge after that stellar achievement, but John Rowe and I will attempt a smaller scale event run via Twitter. We dropped ‘summer’ from the title as it’s winter here in Australia, but we didn’t call it ‘maths’ (like we do here). It is a truly global math(s) project!

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