Friday Five: #7

I’ve been so busy this week with finishing up the end of semester (exams, Honours students’ theses, …) and starting up the Math(s) Photo Challenge that I couldn’t manage the Friday Five yesterday. I console myself that it’s still Friday somewhere in the world!

This week we launched the Math(s) Photo Challenge. Using @mathphoto16, we are posting a mathematical photo prompt each week. This week has been #symmetry. So far there have been nearly 600 tweets with the hashtags #mathphoto16 and #symmetry, and more than 500 followers of @mathphoto16. You can check out all the photos at

The Math(s) Photo Challenge is a great way to open your eyes — and your students’ eyes — to the math(s) in the world around you. Many are getting their classes involved with finding and constructing examples of the prompt. You can also make use of the treasure-trove of photos at and the 2015 in your classrooms.

For more inspiration about how to explore, play and enjoy doing maths, I thoroughly recommend you take a moment to watch Brian Bushart‘s 2016 NCTM #ShadowCon talk. (I was there; it was fabulous!)


Below are five examples (my Friday Five!) from this week’s #symmetry challenge — but please do check out the archive at We’ll post a new challenge on Sunday 19 June (in Australia). It’s never too late to join in. I look forward to your photos!

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